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Pumps Down for Sprinkler Repair

UPDATE: It was a sprinkler line break that had to repaired. Just received an update from Shurie that the irrigation is back on.

Just received this email from Shurie:

Lawn Co. called and said they are turning off the pumps to fix a repair right now. They do not know how long it will take but will call me when done.

I believe this means that they need to make a repair on the sprinkler system, not the irrigation pumps. This should mean that the pumps should be back on shortly. I’ll post when I hear that the repair is complete.

End of Summer Garage Sale

It’s time to gather all those garage sale items you’ve accumulated over the summer! Red Leaf Heights will be having its summers end garage sale on September 6th between 8 AM – 2 PM. Advertising and signage will be provided.

See you there!

Water Issues

AUGUST 8 Update: Caron Pump went out to inspect the irrigation system. During their inspection, they noticed the self cleaning filter in the exterior vault had a bad bearing and wasn’t working properly. They fixed the problem late in the day on Friday and things have been working properly since. Between the increased water and the routine inspections and maintenance as needed, we should have things ironed out for the remainder of the summer. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

AUGUST 7 Update: Water stayed on for four days and then shut off again. It appears the outside vault is clogged. Caron Pump has been called out to service the system. Sorry folks.
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