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Irrigation Water Shut Off – October 15

We’ve been told that the irrigation will be shut off at the head gate around October 15th. It takes a few days for the water to run through the canals once it’s shut off, so expect the water to be unavailable sometime between October 15 and October 20.

I’m glad we were able to work out the pump, filter, and water volume issues this year. Hopefully we can maintain the consistent water delivery when the water comes back on next spring. Until then, you always study up on how our water system works.

A Bit of Tree Trimming Needed…

We’ve noticed that some of the trees and shrubs in the neighborhood need a bit of trimming – specifically those that grow over or near our sidewalks.

Please take a look at your trees and shrubs and make sure it’s easy for your neighbors to walk under or ride past your landscaping while using the sidewalk. A six foot high clearance would be a minimum (some of us our over six feet tall and we hate to stoop over).


Reminder: Red Leaf Heights Garage Sale Sep – 6

Just a quick reminder about the garage sale this Saturday. Here are the details:

When: Saturday Sep. 6 between 8 AM – 2 PM

Where: Your driveway!

What: Time to clean out all the stuff that’s been collecting in your closets. Advertising in the Idaho Statesman and signs at the entrances are being provided by the HOA.

See you there!