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Water Problem this Evening. Water Is Off.

I got a call this evening from Bob Hamilton – HOA President of Clear Creek Crossing – and evidently there is another clog downstream from our box and they have had to shut off the water to our lateral. The sherrif called Bob tonight because water was flowing across Eagle Rd.

I apologize for the problem, but this has nothing to do with the Red Leaf Heights water system. We share the lateral water system coming from the main canal with other users and their boxes can affect everyone on the lateral.

I will be going down tomorrow morning to help figure out what is clogging the box so the water can be turned back on. In case you’re wondering, the box that has the problem is the one right on Eagle Rd. across the street from the Spring Creek Manor.

I’ll keep you updated as soon as I know more. It’s always something…

Red Leaf Heights Annual Meeting – May 21

Here are the details on the Red Leaf Heights HOA annual meeting:

DATE: Thursday May 21, 2009
TIME: 6:30 pm
PLACE: Eagle Hills Elementary

Here’s the agenda for the meeting:

  • 2008 Financial Report
  • 2009 Budget
  • Proposed Changes to CC&R’s
  • Presentation of candidates for HOA board
  • Election of Board of Directors

We encourage everyone to come to the meeting to discuss these important issues.

Most importantly, we currently only have two members of the board and in order to keep our non-profit status we have to have at least three members – and much better to have at least five members. Please consider offering your services to the community. We need you.

Water Is On. I Repeat. Water Is On.

Okay, things have finally been worked out at the resident’s home – they capped it for now – and water is now flowing to our homes so sprinkle away.

I apologize for the problems and we look forward to a trouble-free and water rich irrigation year. Thank you for your patience.

Of course, let me also point you to the lovely watering schedule. As always, it’s critical that we follow the schedule to reduce problems with our irrigation system. We don’t have the luxury of a big pond like some other subdivisions, so the schedule is one way we can minimize issues.

Update on Irrigation Water IV

The water has been on a few times over the past few days only to be turned off because of leaks here and there. That is why we haven’t announced that the water is on – we want to make sure it’s on and will stay on before we put the word out.

The problem on Kite Dr. was solved yesterday afternoon and the pumps were turned on again only to hear that a resident was having problems with their irrigation line that was threatening to flood their property. The pumps were turned off last night and Lawn Co. is at the residence trying to repair or cap the line so we can turn on the water to everyone else. Unfortunately the problem appears to be upstream from their valve so they can’t just temporarily shut off the line while they repair it and we get our water.

Lawn Co. understands the urgency of the situation and is doing everything possible to fix the problem ASAP and get the water on today, if possible. I will post an update as soon as I get an update later today or Wed.

Well, it’s supposed to rain Thursday and Friday, so water is on its way in either case…

Update on Irrigation Water III…

The problem with the lateral has been cleared up, Caron Pump turned on the pumps, Lawn Co. cleaned the filters and confirmed that everything was all good and the water started flowing on Friday, April 17.

And then there was another issue…

A pressure valve in one of the irrigation boxes at the end of Kite Dr. started leaking on Saturday and Lawn Co. had to shut off the pumps until it could be fixed. They will be out Monday morning to fix it and hopefully the water will start flowing again on Monday.

Let me know if you want this kind of detail or if you’d rather just be informed when the water is running properly.

Update on Irrigation Water…

There was a problem with one of the boxes downstream from us that was causing some flooding. That box was cleaned out yesterday and I met with the Clear Creek Crossing HOA people and the Farmers Union ditch manager this morning to confirm that water was flowing properly. It appears that everything is looking good and they should be turning the water up completely on our lateral later today.

We will be scheduling Caron Pump to come get our irrigation system started ASAP. I’ll post as soon as I have a date for that. Thanks for your patience.

Irrigation Water Coming On This Week – Maybe Not…

Pump Tour


I received a call from Bob the president for the Clear Creek Crossing HOA. He said Farmers Union has shut off the water at the headgate for the lateral that feeds both HOA’s (and others). There is a clog apparently in the distribution box (rectangular grated top) next to Red Leafs exterior irrigation vault (circle lid). Dane (ditch rider for Farmers Union) said it is the lateral users’ responsibility. I am not sure who is managing the lateral for all the users at this time and have asked Farmers Union for that information as well as a copy of the irrigation system plans for future use.

Here’s a message from Shurie Urquidi of Development Services:

I have called Farmers Union and they said water would be in the canals starting the 4th of April and to give it a few days to clear out before starting pumps, etc. I plan on calling to have the pump started by Caron on Thursday.

Hopefully we will have a much smoother irrigation season this year as I think we have ironed out many of the issues that were causing us problems.

If you’re bored, I’d highly recommend reviewing the post that explains how our irrigation and pump system works.

Spring Garage Sale – May 2nd

It’s time again for the Red Leaf Heights Spring Garage Sale. Here are the details:

Red Leaf Heights Community Garage Sale
Saturday, May 2nd
8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Have your items all ready to sell out in your driveway. Signs will be posted around the neighborhood and an ad will be placed in the Idaho Statesman.