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Volleyball Court

Earlier this year we had the volleyball litter box, oops, I mean sand court removed and replaced with grass. However, the sod didn’t take too well in some areas (sinking, dead spots, etc.) Summer Lawns will be adding 6 yds of top soil and new sod at their cost. Unfortunately it will probably not be usable until spring, so we will delay hanging the net until then.


We recently checked to see how many homeowners have signed up on this website. Can you believe we have only 47 email addresses and it is not easy to determine how many of those are actual homeowners. This is the most inexpensive and convenient way to get information out.
So I’m asking every one that gets this as an email to forward it to any neighbors that you happen to know their email address, or mention it over the fence, or any other way to encourage them. All they have to do is call up redleafheights.info and subscribe their email in the place provided. They will then get emails such as this one when something is posted. We have some important information to get out and your help would be greatly appreciated.

Good Neighbors

The board has received a few complaints recently that we all would like to see addressed.

1) Dogs on leash. The CC&R’s require all pets outside your yard to be on leash. We’ve had some scary incidents lately. I know you believe that Fido would never bite anyone, but you never know when he’ll turn cranky. I think it goes without saying that you should also clean up after them.

2) Cats in neighbor’s yards. Cats are great pets but you can’t confine them to your yard if you let them out. One recent complaint had some real horror stories to tell about cats in his yard, garden, flower beds and even his car in his garage. Somehow, and I know it is hard, keep them out of your neighbor’s yard.

3) Pet Skunk. Please, please, who ever has the skunk for a pet, please get him de-scented.

4) Backyard fire pit. Those of you that have a backyard fire pit, when you are done for the evening, please extinguish it. The smoldering embers put out a lot of smoke that is as hard to keep in your back yard as the cat. Some of us like to open our windows at night when it is cool but that is sometimes not possible because of the smoke or the skunk smell.

5) Vehicle Parking. Parking unsightly trailers or other vehicles on our streets. This is prohibited in the CC&R’s. If it is a temporary thing then your driveway would be better than the street.

If your neighbor approaches you on these or any other issue, please treat him kindly. The Golden Rule is never out of date and we would all like to be good neighbors.

Download the CC&R’s┬áhere if you would like to check out the official word.

Download the Eagle City Code – Animal Control for even more pet stuff.

Play Area Project

Check out the new sitting wall and bench at the play area on Rockingham.
Click on the picture to get a larger view.