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Red Leaf Heights Board Meeting Notes – February 5, 2013

Red Leaf Heights Board Meeting Notes:
Red Leaf Heights Board Meeting Notes February 5, 2013

Tree Pruning

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve just recently completed a major project to structurally prune all of the common area trees. (205 evergreens and 231 deciduous) Four trees had to be removed that would have eventually interfered with the power lines along Eagle Road. The trees that are under the power lines that are in the strip next to Eagle Road belong to the city. The trimming by the utility company on those certainly leaves a lot to be desired. It was not smart for the city to put maple trees there in the first place.
Now is a good time to do some pruning on those trees that are in front of your homes, especially those that have branches that interfere with walking on the sidewalk. Check this link for some tips on how to prune.Tree Pruning It is specifically for fruit trees but also applies to shade trees.
Pruning is good for the trees and done properly will improve their health and shape. Don’t worry about applying anything to the cut and sap running out of the cut is not a problem to the tree.