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Cell Tower

Update 8/6: At the cell tower meeting, the company withdrew their application to make considerable changes [whatever that means]. It will be moved back approximately 2 months.

The HOA received a comment from a concerned resident Saturday August 3. He has some excellent thoughts concerning the cell tower. Check out the youtube clip in his comment below. Skyway Towers notice of the meeting and plea for support can be accessed here.rlh tower public notice 8.1.1 Everyone is encouraged to attend the meeting at Eagle City Hall at 6:00 Monday August 5, 2013.

I’m trying to understand the implications of the proposed cell phone tower that may be constructed in our backyard at Eagle Hills Elementary (I on N Yarmouth). I’m unsure of the health effects, but I do know what a terrible eye sore this will be to our neighborhood. I am positive this will have a significant negative effect on our home value.
I’m wondering if anything has been done at the HOA level to fight this. Today I spoke with my neighbor about it – he thought it was going to be a short 35 foot tower. I’m very concerned that our beautiful community doesn’t realize what the city councel may allow to be constructed.
I will be attending the meeting at city hall Monday night. In the meantime, is it possible to get help from the HOA to fight this?
Towers like this belong in industrial areas, not where people live. We didn’t pay a premium to live in this community for this these types of things to happen.
To get a proper visual, this video will help: