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Perimeter Fence started 7/28/2014

Work on the new fence has begun! The first section is the fence east of the Red Leaf entrance on Floating Feather to the neighborhood dividing line about halfway to the Eagle Knoll entrance. Those affected should have been notified before each section is begun. They are doing the fence in 1000 foot sections and are trying not to leave anyone open over a weekend. It usually takes about a week to do a section.
If you have not been notified you can contact Shurie Urquidi by phone at 939-6000 or via email at shurie@dev-services.com

Perimeter Fence

The board after much research and deliberation and input from several sources as well as the Special Meeting of 6/12/2014 has decided to replace the perimeter fence.
See the attached minutes of the Board meeting of 6/24/2013.

The fence will constructed of 6 foot standard 1×6 cedar pickets picture framed by 1×4 cedar trim, three 2×4 rails, and 4×4 pressure treated wood posts. Assembled with screws and with the posts set in concrete.

See the attached bid by Butte Fence who has been selected as the provider. Minor adjustments may be made before acceptance as the final bid.
Butte Fence Bid

Implementation may begin as early as the middle of July. Butte Fence will coordinate with each homeowner to provide as minimal disruption as possible.

Homeowners will need to trim back plants or shrubs that may interfere with building the new fence.

Funds to build the fence will be taken initially from the HOA reserve account which has been set aside for this purpose over the past few years. The fence directly responsible to the HOA will be paid directly from the reserve. This consists of the fences at the end of Kite and the fence on both sides of the play area containing the basketball court.

The board has decided to contribute $10,000 as a community investment which will be taken from the budget for community improvement projects that was not used last year. The perimeter fence owners will reimburse the reserve account for their portion of the fence. This will be calculated on a linear foot basis and may be paid quarterly with the dues over a 10 year period. A $25 yearly service fee will be charged until paid in full. Additionally the board has decided to pay for staining the exterior of the fence also as a community investment.

See the attached Perimeter Fence Issues document meant to document many of the issues the board considered.
Perimeter Fence Issues

A new fence will be a significant improvement to our neighborhood, replacing the current fence which is in poor condition and was of poor quality and design when originally installed.