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Irrigation Water off October 10, 2015 or earlier

Dry Wash

Farmers Union reduced the water significantly on October 1 and since that time we’ve been running on only 2 of the 3 pumps. A few mornings the pump has gone off at about 6:00 am and were restarted by about 9:30 am. Your pressure has probably been affected during the time the water is on. It is not clear how reliable it will be until it will be totally shut off no later than October 10. You can water extra Tuesday night and Wednesday since Summer Lawns mow on Wednesday.

October 10 is a little early, we usually have it until the 15th or so. Here’s hoping we get some good snow in the hills for next year as the reservoirs are pretty well depleted this year.

Development Services maintains close contact with both Farmers Union and Summer Lawns concerning our water availability and their site will have the latest information.Link to Dev-Services Check the notes at the bottom of their page.