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The aphids are going crazy this year, especially on the ash trees. The only real effective way to avoid the problem is to apply a systemic drench preferably in the fall. The pictures above are two trees, same age, across the street from each other, the one on the left was treated with systemic in March and the one on the right has not been treated. You can click on the image to get a bigger view.

Aphids will probably not kill the tree but certainly will severely damage or kill some of the branches.

The experts at Zamzows says systemic can be applied at any time and will last a year, hence fall would be best since it would cover the next spring when the aphids are at their worst. Most systemics use an ounce of systemic for each inch of girth of the tree in a gallon of water poured directly around the base. The cost would be $20 to $25 for a 32 ounce bottle and can be bought at Zamzows, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

You can spray the aphids off with water using a high pressure hose but that is only effective on smaller bushes and shrubs and would have to be done frequently to stop the damage. They multiply very rapidly.

Please Don’t Put Signs On Our Light Posts

We have a problem with people taping signs to our light posts on the island entrances. This damages the finish very quickly as well as being unsightly. Tape and paper residue on the posts must be removed using WD40 and elbow grease. Any signs will be removed as soon as they are noticed. Our lights were very expensive and we ask that you please respect them.

Basketball Hoop is Fixed and the Volleyball Net is Up

Basketball Hoop

The adjustment mechanism has been fixed again – it can now be adjusted to your height and skill level. There is a sign and a gauge attached to the pole next to the crank that indicates you should not adjust it higher than 10 feet or lower than 5 feet. Forcing it past those limits causes it to fail. Please pass this information on to your kids.

Volleyball Court

The net is now up for the season.


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