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Cell Tower

Update 8/6: At the cell tower meeting, the company withdrew their application to make considerable changes [whatever that means]. It will be moved back approximately 2 months.

The HOA received a comment from a concerned resident Saturday August 3. He has some excellent thoughts concerning the cell tower. Check out the youtube clip in his comment below. Skyway Towers notice of the meeting and plea for support can be accessed here.rlh tower public notice 8.1.1 Everyone is encouraged to attend the meeting at Eagle City Hall at 6:00 Monday August 5, 2013.

I’m trying to understand the implications of the proposed cell phone tower that may be constructed in our backyard at Eagle Hills Elementary (I on N Yarmouth). I’m unsure of the health effects, but I do know what a terrible eye sore this will be to our neighborhood. I am positive this will have a significant negative effect on our home value.
I’m wondering if anything has been done at the HOA level to fight this. Today I spoke with my neighbor about it – he thought it was going to be a short 35 foot tower. I’m very concerned that our beautiful community doesn’t realize what the city councel may allow to be constructed.
I will be attending the meeting at city hall Monday night. In the meantime, is it possible to get help from the HOA to fight this?
Towers like this belong in industrial areas, not where people live. We didn’t pay a premium to live in this community for this these types of things to happen.
To get a proper visual, this video will help:

Irrigation Water being reduced by 25%

Our irrigation water is being cut by 25% by the ditch company due to the severe drought conditions. This is necessary to be able to provide water as long as possible this year. If conditions persist we may be out of water sometime in August.
Please fine tune your watering to adhere to the watering schedule.

View the mandatory watering schedule here:
Watering Schedule
It can also be found under the category “Watering Schedule” at the right of this page.

Irrigation Water on April 17, 2013

Irrigation water will be available the afternoon of April 17. There may be intermittent access until all common area sprinklers are checked. It is recommended that you allow the irrigation lines some time to clear before starting your individual system to reduce debris accumulation in your filters.

Development Services maintains close contact with both Farmers Union and Summer Lawns concerning our water availability and their site will have the latest information.Link to Dev-Services Check the notes at the bottom of their page.

Red Leaf Heights Annual Meeting: April 25 @ 6:00 pm

A notice was recently mailed to you inviting you to attend the Annual Meeting of the Red Leaf Heights Neighborhood Association which will be held on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at the Eagle Hills Elementary, 650 Ranch Dr., Eagle, Idaho at 6:00 p.m.

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss and transact the official business of the Red Leaf Heights Homeowners’ Association. We will also be voting on board members for 2013-2014.

In the event you cannot attend, please fill out the proxy form included on the notice. Please send your completed proxy to the meeting with your appointed representative who must be a homeowner. If you wish to return the proxy by mail or fax, it must be received no later than Monday, April 22, 2013 to: DEVELOPMENT SERVICES, INC., 9601 West State Street, Suite 203, Boise, Idaho 83714 or by Fax: 208 939-6118.

Proposed Agenda

  • 2012 Financial Report
  • Budget for 2013
  • Proposed Changes to CC&R’s – Vote Update
  • Presentation of candidates for the board and nominations from the floor
  • Election of Board of Directors

We must have your participation to reach quorum. It makes a difference in the quality of the Red Leaf Heights Neighborhood Association. We respectfully request that no children attend the meeting.

Irrigation Water 2013

Irrigation water will be available between April 15-19, dependent upon release of water into the lateral line via Farmers Union. It is recommended that you allow the irrigation lines to clear after initial startup before starting individual systems to reduce debris accumulation in your filters.

Development Services maintains close contact with both Farmers Union and Summer Lawns concerning our water availability and their site will have the latest information.Link to Dev-Services Check the notes at the bottom of their page.

Dues Lowered

$$$ The dues for 2013 have been lowered from $720 to $600 payable quarterly at $150. This should help to offset the recent increase in property taxes.

Hooray – the Basketball Hoop is Fixed

The adjustment mechanism is finally fixed – it can now be adjusted to your height and skill level. A sign has been attached to the pole next to the crank that indicates you should not adjust it higher than 10 feet or lower than 5 feet. Please pass this information on to your kids since the mechanism could fail again if it is forced past those limits. Even though it is under warranty, it still took two months to get the fix.

This is a good quality hoop and is warranted to stand up to even the roughest treatment – including dunking. If you want to check out the specs go to ProDunkHoops.com and select the Gold model in the adjustable models.

Turtle Escapes…on the loose in Eagle!

Turtle on the loose in Eagle. 🙂 This is no pet skunk story but rather a very large and pretty friendly turtle went for a walk Saturday August 25 in our neighborhood.

The Eagle police found a turtle rescue group in Boise after trying to find someone close that would claim him. He’s safe and in good hands but we’re sure someone is missing him.

Deputy Zach Helbach with the Ada County Sheriff’s Office would be a good contact for someone looking to get him back. His number is 938-2260.

Volleyball Court

Earlier this year we had the volleyball litter box, oops, I mean sand court removed and replaced with grass. However, the sod didn’t take too well in some areas (sinking, dead spots, etc.) Summer Lawns will be adding 6 yds of top soil and new sod at their cost. Unfortunately it will probably not be usable until spring, so we will delay hanging the net until then.

Play Area Project

Check out the new sitting wall and bench at the play area on Rockingham.
Click on the picture to get a larger view.