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How Our Water System Works

Here’s a photo tour of our irrigation system so everyone can see how interesting it is (interesting might be too strong of a word – maybe educational would work better).

Remember that I’m not a water engineer so it’s likely I’ll use the wrong terms at times in my description.

Pump House: This is located on Eagle Rd. in the southwest corner of the subdivision.

Behind Pump House: On the left is a divided vault where the canal water enters our system. On the right is the round cover to our outside vault.

Divided Vault: This is a little hard to see, but the water on the right flows to downstream customers. The water on the left flows into our outside vault and is controlled by a weir (board) that limits the amount of water coming into our system.

Outside Vault: Here’s the interior of the outside vault. Water is coming in from the canal divider to fill the vault. At the bottom there is a spinning filter being cleaned by spraying water.

This vault should be full, but I shot this picture after the system had shut down and was beginning to refill.

Inside Pump House: Here we can see the large green filter housing on the left, another smaller blue filter housing in the back, the control panel on the right, and the hatch for the inside vault in the front.

Inside Vault Hatch: Just so you can follow what we’re looking at, here’s a shot of the inside vault hatch. Next we’ll stick the camera down inside the vault.

Inside Vault: Here’s the interior of the inside vault. There’s another filter between the outside vault and the inside vault that is not pictured. Again, this vault should be full of water, but it is in the process of refilling after a system shutdown.

Control Panel: A shot of the control panel. Notice that the light is red. That means the system has been shut down because the water levels dropped so low that the pumps automatically shut off.

That’s it! Hopefully that was an exciting tour through our irrigation system. It’s more complex than I had imagined.

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