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Irrigation Water Coming On This Week – Maybe Not…

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I received a call from Bob the president for the Clear Creek Crossing HOA. He said Farmers Union has shut off the water at the headgate for the lateral that feeds both HOA’s (and others). There is a clog apparently in the distribution box (rectangular grated top) next to Red Leafs exterior irrigation vault (circle lid). Dane (ditch rider for Farmers Union) said it is the lateral users’ responsibility. I am not sure who is managing the lateral for all the users at this time and have asked Farmers Union for that information as well as a copy of the irrigation system plans for future use.

Here’s a message from Shurie Urquidi of Development Services:

I have called Farmers Union and they said water would be in the canals starting the 4th of April and to give it a few days to clear out before starting pumps, etc. I plan on calling to have the pump started by Caron on Thursday.

Hopefully we will have a much smoother irrigation season this year as I think we have ironed out many of the issues that were causing us problems.

If you’re bored, I’d highly recommend reviewing the post that explains how our irrigation and pump system works.

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