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Landscape Trimming

Spring is here and it’s time for some landscaping activity. As with ACHD policy, the HOA requests that you trim back trees and schrubs which may be causing obstruction and to also keep a neat and attractive appearance. Pay special attention to the trees in the landscape strip between the street and sidewalk to allow for pedestrian use.

ACHD defines obstruction as anything that:

  • Blocks traffic signs
  • Reduces a drivers site distance and ability to see oncoming traffic
  • Prevents pedestrians from full use of the sidewalk
  • Extends into the roadway.

It’s a little late to do major tree pruning which should be done in late winter but minor pruning can be done any time of the year. Low hanging or broken branches, root suckers, water sprouts should always be removed as soon as they occur.
Check out this link for some tips on how to prune. Tree Pruning It covers both fruit and shade trees.
Pruning is good for the trees and done properly will improve their health and shape. Don’t worry about applying anything to the cut as sap running out of the cut is not a problem to the tree.

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