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More on “How Our System Works” – Cleaning the Filters

Main Filter: There is a large filter in the pipe. This is partially cleaned by turning on the valve on the end. The water shoots quite a way down the lane toward Eagle Road taking debris with it. The pumps have to be shut off to completely clean it and is only done if cleaning using the valve is not adequate.

Small Filter: This is cleaned by removing it and hosing it off as shown in the picture below. Does not require the pumps to be shut off as it has a valve to isolate it.

Cleaning the Small Filter: Cleaning being performed by Justin from Summer Lawns. The water that goes through this filter is used to clean the spin filter.

Spin Filter in vault: This filter is self-cleaning. Water is directed to it from a pipe that comes from the pump through the small filter, causing the filter to spin and throws off the debris. This is the first filter and removes most of the debris from the ditch water. It is manually cleaned at system startup in the spring.

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