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Snow, Snow and More Snow

From the time of my last post, the Board had arranged for a contractor to clear the mail boxes, drive ways and drains. Before that could be done we had the hard persistent freeze and the contractor’s equipment could not handle the ice so they had to cancel. Shortly after the post, ACHD and the Eagle Fire Department separately made passes through our subdivision and leveled out the snow and made it possible to get in and out. Since then we also looked into clearing the common area sidewalks and again found that due to the ice accumulation that was not practical. For the most part the sidewalks along Eagle and Floating Feather connecting to our sidewalks are not passable either. Along Eagle road the road graders throw the snow up on the sidewalk each time they plow.

It is the home owner’s responsibility to clear access to their mailbox, keep their sidewalks passable and get in and out of their own driveway.

The condition of the roads are the ACHD and City of Eagle responsibility and you should contact them if you are having problems. Click here to see ACHD’s position:SnowFlyer2016 ACHD

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