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Update on Irrigation Water IV

The water has been on a few times over the past few days only to be turned off because of leaks here and there. That is why we haven’t announced that the water is on – we want to make sure it’s on and will stay on before we put the word out.

The problem on Kite Dr. was solved yesterday afternoon and the pumps were turned on again only to hear that a resident was having problems with their irrigation line that was threatening to flood their property. The pumps were turned off last night and Lawn Co. is at the residence trying to repair or cap the line so we can turn on the water to everyone else. Unfortunately the problem appears to be upstream from their valve so they can’t just temporarily shut off the line while they repair it and we get our water.

Lawn Co. understands the urgency of the situation and is doing everything possible to fix the problem ASAP and get the water on today, if possible. I will post an update as soon as I get an update later today or Wed.

Well, it’s supposed to rain Thursday and Friday, so water is on its way in either case…

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