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The Perimeter Fence is now complete

The perimeter fence is now installed and stained.

The color is a Behr color called SC-116 Woodbridge and is a water based fence stain. The painting company converted the Behr SC-116 Woodbridge stain color into the Cabot O.V.T oil
based stain that was used on the fence.

You can buy the Behr water based stain at Home Depot, just ask for Behr House and Fence base number 30 in SC-116 Woodbridge color. Or if you want the oil based
product go to a Cabot dealer and have them formulate the Woodbridge color. Thriftway Lumber on State Street near Collister sells the Cabot product.

The water based stain is somewhat easier to use and the oil based stains can spontaneously combust if not handled properly. Supposedly, the life expectancy of the Cabot and Behr materials are about the same.

The painting company has offered to assist the homeowners in Red Leaf with any questions about the fence staining process, or how much stain they will need or any other questions they have. In addition, they are offering a 5% discount to homeowners in Red Leaf if scheduled soon. You can contact Joe Huether at PCA Fence in Boise 378-4787.

Exterior Fence Color Exterior after staining.

Interior Fence Interior. Too bad the natural color doesn’t last.

Irrigation Water off October 15, 2014

Dry Wash

The irrigation water will be turned off the morning of October 15. We were lucky this year to go this long. October 15 is usually about as late as any good water year.

Development Services maintains close contact with both Farmers Union and Summer Lawns concerning our water availability and their site will have the latest information.Link to Dev-Services Check the notes at the bottom of their page.