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Survey Last Chance

You received a “Your Opinion Counts” survey with your July statement. If you haven’t done so, please fill it out and let us know what you would like to do with our dues and potential projects. The deadline is August 15!

Your opinion really does count!

The form has the following options:

Option 1 = Stop enhancements and decrease the dues to $500.
Option 2 = Reduce dues to $550 and add enhancements every other year.
Option 3 = Keep dues at $600 and work on enhancements yearly.

Then if Option 2 or 3:
Option A = Gazebo area planter/planters with seating wall similar to the one we added to Basketball area.
Option B = Adjustable height Basketball hoop/court near Gazebo.
Option C = Volleyball net near Gazebo area.
Option D = Bocce ball court and horseshoe pit near Gazebo area.
Option E = Add your own option (write in).

If you’ve lost your form, contact Shurie at (208) 939-6000 x 207 or email Shurie@dev-services.com before the 15th.

Please — only one survey per household.