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Red Leaf Heights Board Meeting Notes – June 4, 2012

Red Leaf Heights Board Meeting Notes

June 4, 2012

Red Leaf Heights Board Meeting Notes June 4, 2012

Reader Comments:

  1. I saw in the minutes that there was approval of a request for trailer parking, but there were no details.
    To be parked in the driveway or behind the fence?
    And was the approval for a finite time period, or open-ended?
    I’m concerned this will establish a precedent we don’t want – we already have more than enough cars in driveways and in the street.

  2. I’ve done some analysis of the financials for the past 6 years. During that time we’ve averaged about $400 per household for ongoing annual expenses like landscaping, utilities, management fees…etc. On top of that we generally need about $100 per household for non-recurring things we’re required to do like painting the metal fences, major repairs to the irrigation system, replacing trees, tree pruning, and landscaping at the entrances. (This amount would also allow us to not have to dip into the $70,000 in reserves we’ve built up in the past 5 years for these expenses)
    So, $500 per household per year is all that’s needed to maintain the assets of the neighborhood.

    (Note – I’ve alreasy e-mailed my comments directly to the Board members, so I’m posting these for other homeowners to see)

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