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June 2: Red Leaf Heights Garage Sale

The Spring garage sale is scheduled for Saturday June 2nd from 8 am – 4 pm. Enjoy!

Irrigation Water Scheduled for April 20th

Irrigation Water Is On!

From Shurie:

I spoke with Dane at Farmers Union and they will start their irrigation turn on April 16th. Water delivery should be ready to start on April 19th. I have asked Dane to open water to the lateral as of April 19th. The pump should then be ready for start-up on April 20th. I will post signs at the entrance to notify homeowners.

Red Leaf Irrigation Water – Going Off on Oct. 14th

You wouldn’t know it by the warm weather, but Fall is on its way and the water is going away. (hey, that rhymes!)

Irrigation Water: Please Stand By…

Update: 4/21: Just confirmed with Idaho Power that the pump power is on, and Caron Pump will be out to start up the pump station today sometime.  Matt with Summer Lawns has been notified so he can check the system.

Irrigation water should be flowing by end of day today.


We are currently working on issues to get the irrigation water running in the subdivision. Summerlawns and the ditch company have been coordinating to determine what the problem is and to correct it ASAP.

Luckily, the lovely spring rains continue to water our lawns and gardens for us…

We will update the site as soon as we have more info. Your patience is appreciated.

Red Leaf Heights Annual Meeting: May 17 @ 6:30 pm

NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual Meeting of the Red Leaf Heights Neighborhood Association will be held onTuesday, May 17, 2011 at the Eagle Hills Elementary, 650 Ranch Dr., Eagle, Idaho at 6:30 p.m.

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss and transact the official business of the Red Leaf HeightsHomeowners’ Association. We will also be voting on board members for 2011-2012.

In the event you cannot attend, a proxy form is enclosed. Please send your completed proxy to the meetingwith your appointed representative who must be a homeowner. If you wish to return the proxy by mail or fax,it must be received no later than Monday, May 16, 2011 to: DEVELOPMENT SERVICES, INC., 9601 WestState Street, Suite 203, Boise, Idaho 83714 or by Fax: 208 939-6118.

Proposed Agenda

  • 2010 Financial Report
  • Budget for 2011
  • Proposed Changes to CC&R’s – Vote Update
  • Presentation of candidates for the board and nominations from the floor
  • Election of Board of Directors

We must have your participation to reach quorum. It makes a difference in the quality of the Red Leaf Heights Neighborhood Association. We respectfully request that no children attend the meeting.

Burglary Incident in Red Leaf Heights

Sunday evening we had an intruder enter a foreclosed house  on Rockingham.  Someone saw a blue van parked across from the basketball court and a lone man was standing around.  Someone saw the guy getting into the house and called the police. The police said they could not make an arrest but mentioned there has been an increase in burglaries and we should call them if we see strangers hanging around.

Please be on the lookout for suspicious people or situations in the neighborhood. Just like in this case, it’s best to call the police if you have a concern.

We also recommend you check on your neighbors and let them know if their garage door is left open – especially at night. Sometimes the door is left up overnight leaving the contents as an tempting tidbit for thieves.

Join Us On Red Leaf Heights Facebook Page

We’ve set up a Facebook page for Red Leaf Heights residents and we invite each of you to join us there for updates, discussion, sharing of photos, videos or whatever interests you.

Check it out here: Red Leaf Heights Facebook Page

Reminder: Red Leaf HOA Annual Meeting

Just a reminder about our annual meeting scheduled for this Thursday. Please send any questions you may have and we’ll answer them at the meeting.

Here are the details:

DATE: Thursday May 21, 2009
TIME: 6:30 pm
PLACE: Eagle Hills Elementary

Here’s the agenda for the meeting:

  • 2008 Financial Report
  • 2009 Budget
  • State of the HOA
  • Proposed Changes to CC&R’s
  • Presentation of candidates for HOA board
  • Election of Board of Directors

We encourage everyone to come to the meeting to discuss these important issues.

Most importantly, we currently only have two members of the board and in order to keep our non-profit status we have to have at least three members – and much better to have at least five members. Please consider offering your services to the community. We need you.

Water is On!

The irrigation water has been flowing well through the lateral for the past few days and we’ve turned on the pumps again (as of Wed.).

Water Problem Update III

There are two possible causes for the current water problems:

  1. There is a blockage at the front of the pipe or inside the pipe that runs under Eagle Rd.
  2. A gate was lowered in one of the boxes downstream from the Eagle Rd. box that is flooding.

The Spring Creek Manor people have inspected all of the boxes downstream and have confirmed that all of the gates are now fully open. The ditch master will be opening the headgate this morning to test that the problem has been solved. If the water still is backing up, our guess is that there is some sort of blockage in the pipe under Eagle Rd. and we will have to take steps to clear the blockage. Our coordination with the other landowners in the area should help defer the cost of doing this.

We’ll see how it goes today. Here are some photos I took yesterday:

[svgallery name=”water1″]