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Irrigation Water reduced 25%


Farmer Union Irrigation water has reduced the water in our ditch by 25% beginning Monday morning June 29.
This was done to stretch storage water through to the end of the season. We will monitor this closely – potential problems could be loss of pressure at times or even shutdown of the pumps.

Earlier this year we had some problems with extra debris which we hope has now been corrected.

We know that this is absolutely the worst time for this to occur but you can help by keeping your own filters clean and reduce any extra watering if possible.

Please follow the mandatory water schedule which you can find at:Watering Schedule

Summer Lawns mows the lawn on Wednesday so they do not water late Tuesday or most of the day on Wednesday. You may want to water during that time if you need some extra time.

Depending on the impact of reducing the water we may have to adjust the watering schedule.

You can report issues during normal business hours (M-F, 9am-5pm) to Development Services at 939-6000, Ext. 207. If you have an after-hours emergency or if the water is off in your neighborhood after-hours, you may contact one of the following Board members: Roy 939-1482; Ron 375-0302
Contact information is also available at Contact Info.

Development Services maintains close contact with both Farmers Union and Summer Lawns concerning our water availability and their site will have the latest information.Link to Dev-Services Check the notes under “Important News”.

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