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Irrigation Water Coming On This Week – Maybe Not…

Pump Tour


I received a call from Bob the president for the Clear Creek Crossing HOA. He said Farmers Union has shut off the water at the headgate for the lateral that feeds both HOA’s (and others). There is a clog apparently in the distribution box (rectangular grated top) next to Red Leafs exterior irrigation vault (circle lid). Dane (ditch rider for Farmers Union) said it is the lateral users’ responsibility. I am not sure who is managing the lateral for all the users at this time and have asked Farmers Union for that information as well as a copy of the irrigation system plans for future use.

Here’s a message from Shurie Urquidi of Development Services:

I have called Farmers Union and they said water would be in the canals starting the 4th of April and to give it a few days to clear out before starting pumps, etc. I plan on calling to have the pump started by Caron on Thursday.

Hopefully we will have a much smoother irrigation season this year as I think we have ironed out many of the issues that were causing us problems.

If you’re bored, I’d highly recommend reviewing the post that explains how our irrigation and pump system works.

Spring Garage Sale – May 2nd

It’s time again for the Red Leaf Heights Spring Garage Sale. Here are the details:

Red Leaf Heights Community Garage Sale
Saturday, May 2nd
8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Have your items all ready to sell out in your driveway. Signs will be posted around the neighborhood and an ad will be placed in the Idaho Statesman.

Bill Warnick Resigns as President

Red Leaf Heights Board & Homeowners;

It has been a privilege and an honor to serve the Red Leaf Heights community over the past 3 & 1/2 years as president, treasurer and a voting member. We have seen a lot of changes and accomplished a lot together. We have a strong, vibrant and friendly community. Although I still have the desire to serve as president of the association, due to personal events and unforeseen economic difficulties, I will be resigning my position as president of the association. My primary focus at this time is on meeting the immediate needs of my family. As my family will likely be moving out of the neighborhood in the near future, I feel it’s the responsible thing to turn over the duties and responsibilities of leadership to those with more time on their hands and a foreseeable long term presence in the community.

I will miss working with you on a personal level. Your support and participation over the years has meant a lot and is appreciated. I would encourage all of you to continue to support the current board members. There are still many issues to deal with (i.e. trees, pumps, & miscellaneous landscaping, etc.). It is my belief that the association is in a good place financially to meet current expenses. We have also been slowly growing the much needed reserve account for unforeseen expenses and repairs down the road. We have worked hard to analyze, forecast and prepare for these needs. You will be in good hands with Ernesto Figueroa (V.P.) and David Nielsen (Secretary). Ernesto and Dave both have the best interests of the association at heart and are willing to serve and participate.

Thank you once again for allowing me the opportunity of serving our community. I have learned a lot from this experience and would encourage each of you to stay or become involved at some level. When there is a spirit of unity and involvement, it helps make things easier for everyone. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Warmest Regards,

Bill Warnick

Irrigation Water Shut Off – October 15

We’ve been told that the irrigation will be shut off at the head gate around October 15th. It takes a few days for the water to run through the canals once it’s shut off, so expect the water to be unavailable sometime between October 15 and October 20.

I’m glad we were able to work out the pump, filter, and water volume issues this year. Hopefully we can maintain the consistent water delivery when the water comes back on next spring. Until then, you always study up on how our water system works.

A Bit of Tree Trimming Needed…

We’ve noticed that some of the trees and shrubs in the neighborhood need a bit of trimming – specifically those that grow over or near our sidewalks.

Please take a look at your trees and shrubs and make sure it’s easy for your neighbors to walk under or ride past your landscaping while using the sidewalk. A six foot high clearance would be a minimum (some of us our over six feet tall and we hate to stoop over).


Reminder: Red Leaf Heights Garage Sale Sep – 6

Just a quick reminder about the garage sale this Saturday. Here are the details:

When: Saturday Sep. 6 between 8 AM – 2 PM

Where: Your driveway!

What: Time to clean out all the stuff that’s been collecting in your closets. Advertising in the Idaho Statesman and signs at the entrances are being provided by the HOA.

See you there!

Pumps Down for Sprinkler Repair

UPDATE: It was a sprinkler line break that had to repaired. Just received an update from Shurie that the irrigation is back on.

Just received this email from Shurie:

Lawn Co. called and said they are turning off the pumps to fix a repair right now. They do not know how long it will take but will call me when done.

I believe this means that they need to make a repair on the sprinkler system, not the irrigation pumps. This should mean that the pumps should be back on shortly. I’ll post when I hear that the repair is complete.

End of Summer Garage Sale

It’s time to gather all those garage sale items you’ve accumulated over the summer! Red Leaf Heights will be having its summers end garage sale on September 6th between 8 AM – 2 PM. Advertising and signage will be provided.

See you there!

Water Issues

AUGUST 8 Update: Caron Pump went out to inspect the irrigation system. During their inspection, they noticed the self cleaning filter in the exterior vault had a bad bearing and wasn’t working properly. They fixed the problem late in the day on Friday and things have been working properly since. Between the increased water and the routine inspections and maintenance as needed, we should have things ironed out for the remainder of the summer. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

AUGUST 7 Update: Water stayed on for four days and then shut off again. It appears the outside vault is clogged. Caron Pump has been called out to service the system. Sorry folks.
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How Our Water System Works

Here’s a photo tour of our irrigation system so everyone can see how interesting it is (interesting might be too strong of a word – maybe educational would work better).

Remember that I’m not a water engineer so it’s likely I’ll use the wrong terms at times in my description.
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